Monday, 22 January 2018


Welcome to my new followers Louise and Philip.

On the 27th - 29th January the rspb are doing the Big Garden Birdwatch.

You simply watch the birds in your garden for an hour and record how many and what you see.

I requested a pack through the post, it may not be too late to order one if you do it today. Or you can record your results online.

The rspb do this every year, its a way a seeing which birds are thriving and which aren't doing so well.

I shall record my results here at the weekend.

The visitors we have had the last few days...


Male and female Blackirds.



Pied Wagtail

Collared Doves

I was so excited to see a Long  Tailed Tit, they usually hang out in small flocks, so this one must have got separated.

Blue Tit

We have also had Pigeons and Great Tits, and the Greenfinch have just started to visit.

The aviary birds........

Our aviary birds decided they would start nesting, unless you have an indoor aviary or breeding room, many people don't/won't let them breed over winter, but ours were all determined they wanted babies, apart from our quails we have two pairs of Bourke's and a pair of Diamond Doves in the aviary now. They were dropping eggs and trying to build nests in silly places so we ended up putting the nest boxes for the Bourke's and a tray/pan for the Diamond Dove's, but that had to be put in the roosting box as it is too cold for the Dove's to nest outside.

Doreen the Dove, enjoying a bit of Winter sun and a break, whist Derek the Dove keeps the eggs warm. 

Jim the Bourke guarding Rosie in her nest box. She has 5 eggs and my husband checked and thinks four are fertile.

He gets so excited when he sees me, he stands tall and says pretty boy.
I love Bourke's so much they are so a lovely nature, as are the Dove's that's why we chose them.

Wilma having a break from the nest box.

Wilma's partner Fred.

I love them all they are such characters.

Friday, 19 January 2018

A New Venture

Welcome to my new follower E. Carter.

I did put this post up earlier with videos but have been having trouble so I have took the videos down now.

The breeding and selling of the Chinese Painted Quail has been going really well, we decided we would also try something else.

Before I tell you about that, here are a few videos of the quail, we have 40 eggs due to hatch out this week and they started yesterday, this is the first of the arrivals.

I love them they are so adorable, the bits you see scattered around are crushed up chick crumb. These six will be joined by lots more over the next few days.

We have had so much interest in them, we only have around 15 of the older ones left as we are making regular sales now, someone is coming all the way from Wales for some at the weekend.

Our Quails which we keep in the aviary and are so friendly now they can't wait to see what tasty treats we have when we go in.

One of our girls..

My favourite one "George"

So the next venture is Silkies.

These eggs arrived this morning.

They are a mix of Silkies and Silkie Minatures.

In case you haven't seen or heard of them here's a picture.

There are several colour variations so we will have to wait and see what we get. So we will raise them, sell them and hopefully if it all works out, continue the process, and guess what, I have managed to persuade my lovely husband to let us keep some, so we are going to have three or four, and off course they will be allowed to have a roam around the garden when we are at home. 

I was going to have chickens before the aviary but we didn't want the garden ruined, but these are more gentle and they are so friendly they apparently make great pets, and I will get a few eggs as well. Really looking forward to it, I love all birds, another thing for me to love and make a fuss of.

My husband is busy sorting out some materials he picked up from freecycle to make some more housing for the Quails and the Silkies. They will be kept apart.

It's all turning out to be a good venture.

If anyone has kept Silkies or do now, if you can give me any tips that would be brilliant.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


There is always soup on the menu here once a week. I just use whatever I have in, sometimes its a smooth soup, sometimes a chunky one. If I have the oven on the night before I will prepare and roast some vegetables ready. Sometimes I will add a handful of the dried soup mix to it also.

I made soup for tea yesterday , the vegetables I used this time were...

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Celery 
  • Onions

I chopped the veg into chunks and sauteed for ten minutes. 

I have plenty of herbs, seasonings, spices to choose from so I vary it each time.

Today I added a little curry powder and a little cumin, to give a little warmth.

I then transferred the sauteed veg to the slow cooker, added some veg bouillon and a generous squirt of tomato puree.

Then after a few hours when the veg had softened I blitzed with the hand blender and left on a low heat until tea time.

Enough for tea and some left for a lunch another day.

Soup is so cheap to make, and costs hardly anything if you use homegrown or yellow sticker veg.


Sue mentioned on one of my recent posts about if I picked up till receipts.

Well the answer to this is yes.

Do you remember the children's books and tv series the Wombles?  They lived in the burrows on Wimbledon Common in London. There aim was to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish.

Today the term "Wombling" works on the basis that one person's trash can be turned into another persons treasure. It's simply about picking up discarded receipts and collecting loyalty points or price promise guarantees.

Walking around supermarket car parks, there are receipts just left in the trolleys or just on the ground, many people wouldn't dream of picking them up, but me well if they don't want them then thankyou I will. I have done it up Asda, you enter the barcode on the bottom of the receipt, the receipt has to have 8 or more items, if the shop didn't work out 10% cheaper than the competitors you get a voucher for the difference, you just print it out and attach to the till receipt and take to the store and use it to get money off of your next shop.

I have never thought about doing it with Morrison's (thanks Sue).
Morrison's have a More card where you earn points for shopping which you get paid in vouchers when you reach the payment threshold, but you if you find a receipt which hasn't used a "More" card you can take it in the store with your "More" card and ask them to add the points to your card.  From what I have read about this you can only add two receipts every two weeks.

I don't shop at Sainsbury's  or Tesco often, but I think you could do the same there.

But in my opinion the Asda Price Guarantee is the best.

The most I have earn't from picking up one from Asda is just under £5, but that doesn't happen often. You can print out 10 vouchers a month, but if you have multiple emails then you should be able to print out more.

I have no shame I am happy to do it.

One thing for sure its a good way of making/saving money which is what it's all about.

So have you ever wombled? Go on be honest.

Monday, 15 January 2018

More Bargains

We have a prepay meter here for the electric and I needed to put some more electric on today, so I went up to Asda.

I had a quick look around the store as I do everytime to see if there are any good bargains about, I came across a shelf of various items, this is what I came home with.

Vegetable Granules 25p

Olives 50p

Tomatoes 25p, Porridge £1.00

Razor and blades £3
Baby Wipes 20p

When I clean and wipe around the toilet I use the disposable cleaning  wipes, but for 20p these will do the job. ( I won't flush them away I always bin wipes)

With prices continuing to rise, I would be a fool to leave any bargains behind, it all helps save in the long run.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Every Little Helps

Welcome to four new followers P. and Laura, and Gill and Diane.

Today I decided I would pop up the supermarket to see if I could find some yellow sticker veg, I was very disappointed, not one single reduction, in fact the veg department was looking rather bare, perhaps they are not ordering so much in now.

While I was there I had a good look around to see if there were any more yellow stickers to be had. Not much today, but this is what I got.

Cheese and onion slices and steak pies 48p.

Doughnuts 25p, Bakewell tarts 21p, pork pies 20p.

These are what I call treat foods, so doesn't hurt once in a while.

Garlic bread slices 46p
6 rolls for 8p
2 cheese sticks for 12p each

Goats Milk 8p - I have never tried it, it says just use as normal milk, so for 8p I am willing to try it. 
Cottage Cheese with pineapple 13p 

Pastry 45p

Black pudding, 5p and 6p

Sausages for 99p

Better than nothing, as the saying goes every little helps.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Real Frugal Fare

Hello and welcome to another new follower Lucy.

I took these pigs in blankets out of the freezer last night to use for tea tonight.

This pack of veg was bought a few weeks ago and has kept fresh down in the cold shed.

The carrots, parsnip and onion were roasted with some thyme from the greenhouse.

The swede was cooked and mashed.

I made some lovely yorkshire puddings to go with it, a drop of lovely gravy, and there we have it a tasty meal for the three of us for around £1.

Now that's what I call frugal food.