Monday, 24 July 2017

Book update

The link I put on the blog yesterday only links to the kindle version of my book. 
We have to get amazon to sort it out, when they do both books should appear in one listing, but for now the paperback is on there, here is the link.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My new book

My new book has just been launched, only available from Amazon, the kindle edition is now on there priced at £2.49,  the paperback should be showing hopefully by the end of this evening.

This book is more substantial than the first one and also has colour photos, it wouldn't have really worked with black and white, but this has bumped the printing costs up a bit, but as it is over £10 it is free p& p.

I am really quite pleased with it.

Thankyou Jack for helping me with the photos, editing and formatting xxx

Here is a link

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Anniversary break

This week was our silver wedding anniversary so we had a break to mark the occasion. Our anniversary was on the 18th so we went away of Saturday the 15th and came back yesterday. We have had very busy and really enjoyable week. We stayed in three different places, two nights in each, we didn't have any fancy hotels, just Travelodge which is good enough its only a place to sleep and shower.

The first stop was Newcastle under Lyme.

Day One.

We visited the potteries museum and art gallery.

Followed by Brampton Museum and art gallery and park.

Then to finish off  Westport Lake Wildlife trust.

Day Two.

We visited the Spode museum, we had a demonstration on how the transfers are applied, it was very interesting.

We then visited the Middleport Pottery, no photos here we didn't stay long as it wasn't that good.

Then we finished off at the World of Wedgewood, which was absolutely brilliant, so many beautiful things to see.

Day Three.

Off to the Lake District.

We just relaxed and took in the scenery.



Day Four.

Which was the day of our anniversary.

We wandered around Kendal for a while before spending most of the day at Sizergh Castle and Gardens. Which was really lovely. 

It is home to the Strickland family who have lived there for more than 750 years, it is set in large beautiful landscaped gardens, and it was extended in tudor times.

The final two days were spent in Blackpool.

Madame Tussauds .

A trip up the tower...

I wasn't feeling brave enough to stand on the glass and look down

Afternoon tea in the ballroom, a real treat and a wonderful experience......

So as you can see we had a fantastic break.

Love you John thankyou for the last 25 years. xx

Thursday, 13 July 2017


I have a new follower - bit confused to who it is, sometimes people follow and leave and then come back,  I think its Linda? anyway hello and welcome.

I have been so busy since my last post, I have nearly finished my next book, it is in my son's safe hands doing the editing and formatting etc. We just have to spend the next few days doing the rest of the photos. 

I have neglected the house keeping a bit so yesterday I gave the kitchen a really good blitz, I just have to take my hanging crystals down and give them a wash.

Then  I must start on the other rooms. Anything no longer wanted will be heading to the next car boot we do before the end of the season.

Love this quote - how very true.

On the frugal front, I have made some new candles from the old candle scraps.

Picked up some decking off cuts from freecycle, my husband will make these into some planters for me. 

This morning I picked up some free soup from using coupons - not really soup weather but it is to nice a freebie to say no to.

From the garden this week I have had, mixed salad leaves, radishes, courgettes, and some blackcurrants.

Before I do anymore cleaning I want to spend some time in the garden this afternoon, doing a bit of dead heading and weeding, time spent in the garden I find is a very good way to relax, I just love being outdoors.

I shall leave you with just a few pictures of the garden.

Lovely Lillies bought for 50p at the car boot

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tea and pretty china

Tea arrived on our shores from China back in the 17th Century, this new drink was classed as rare and exotic, only the Queen and the aristocracy could afford to drink it. The ceremony of brewing and serving tea was copied from the Chinese, the lady of the house would take charge of the kettle and teapot and would serve the tea in porcelain bowls.

During the 18th century, more teas and different grades were imported, the middle and lower classes began to drink tea for pleasure. Employers started to provide teapots so the staff could enjoy a 'tea break'.

In the 19th century the arrival of cheaper quantities of Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon black teas meant that everyone could afford to drink more. Public tea rooms started to open all around the country, serving pots of tea a very low price, along with home baked cakes. 

Fast forward to today, there are so many types and flavours of tea. All tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinenis. Tea is classified into five main types, Black, Green, Oolong, White, and Pu -erh. Flavoured teas are created by adding flowers, herbs, fruits and other flavours. There is so much choice.

I am a big tea fan and keep a good selection in.

In the cannisters by the kettle there is PG Tips, Earl Grey - it has to be Twinnings I don't enjoy any other. 

I love all teas.

On to the pretty china........

I do love tea served in a cup and saucer, I'm by no means posh, I'm just a sucker for pretty china.

I wouldn't call myself a collector by any means, but I have picked up some nice cups and saucers and pretty china for very little over the last two years.

Bought for £1.00 each.

Royal Doulton Plates 50p each


Last weeks purchase all this for £4.99 in the charity shop